ISO Scope:
Provision of freight forwarding services. Repair & construction of tugboat & barge up to 3,000 DWT.
>> Company Background
GIMHWAK was first incorporated in Malaysia on 28th June 1997. The local group strength is over 150 employees and provided a comprehensive range of total shipping activities, forwarding services, shipbuilding and repairs.

We specializing in;

  • Ship (Tugboat & Barge) management & operation
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Tugboat & barge charter, rent, sales and purchase
  • Project Cargo Management and
  • Shipbuilding (Tugboat, Barge, Landing Craft)
  • Ship Repairing
  • Marine and Industrial Engine

Six major functions consisted in the organisation which include;

  • Strategic business units
  • Administration & Human resource department
  • Procurement department
  • Finance and Accounts department
  • Ship freight forwarding department
  • Ship building & repair department
Cohesively manage the group operation with annual turnover of RM 35 Million in 2009, a milestone change was disclosed compare to 2008.

This means the beginning of a new image that aims for higher professionalism and responsive customer service. The young, aggressive and dynamic management team takes on new challenges to develop the people with multi skills for more productive and quality works.

GIMHWAK is reputed for her superb communication network, efficiency cargo handling, tugboat & barge operation and marine services. Meanwhile, GIMHWAK has been regularised her service routines for heavy equipment, machineries and oversized cargo carriage within Malaysia.

The rapid growth and business expansion in the country with strong economy fundamental as well as a tremendous growth of industrial development, GIMHWAK will endeavor to enhance the capacity to turnaround the company by optimising the business functions with maximum contribution in the field and continuously strive to ensure our clients have a sustainable competitive advantage in selecting GIMHWAK as a partner in the business.

With strong, aggressive and dynamic personnel and a vast experience shipping organisation, it make it possible for us to undertake large scale business and most essentially, to meet deadline, prompt, efficient and safe.

Slogan: Your Marine Solution

>> Our Credo
We believe in our responsibility to our client providing quality workmanship, service, just and ethical management that are worthy. To them we owe our deepest gratitude by rendering in return quality products and reliable services that excess expectation.

We believe our greatest assets are those people who work for us. To them we practice participative management and promote empowerment so that creativity and initiative with our people is encouraged.

We believe our responsibility to our shareholders by striving for a certain level of profit to enable us to meet our commitment on their investment.

We believe in adhering to environmental standard and concern for social economic and communal well being in whatever and wherever we operates.

We believe in promote and maintain a safe marine environment amongst the management, operation and employee.

>> Mission Statement
Business Scope: "We provide sea ocean freight forwarding services, shipbuilding, ship repairs and fabrication of marine products."

Corporate Vision: To become one of the leading provider of a broad range of shipping activities and a major contribution role in marine construction within the nation and in Asian region.

Corporate Mission: To provide effectiveness, reliability, competitiveness and quality services as in ocean, in partnership with our customers and employees, to become the best business solution so as to jointly achieve continuous growth and prosperity.

Management Objectives: Our management aim to continuously improve and develop our corporate business by focusing on both customer and shareholders satisfaction.

1) For valued customers

  • Quality & Reliability
  • Improvement of quality standard to meet an average of at least 80% of customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce the customer complain to not more than 3 legitimate complaint per month.
  • To achieve product quality of at least 80% rating for usability to customer.

2) For shareholders
  • Profitable & Productives
  • To increase turnover by 50% yearly.
  • To increase return on equity by 20% yearly.
>> Organization Structure
List of Directors
Yong Ing HuiManaging DirectorMBA(USA)45 years
Lee Sui Eng (F)DirectorForm Five45 years
Renco YongExecutive DirectorB.Business, MBA(AUS.)10 years
Jackie YongExecutive DirectorB.Mech.Engineer, MBA (USA)6 years